Cheap Divorce Lawyer?  Think Again!

When you are going through a divorce money is tight, and you will be looking for way to save.  It is common for people to consider hiring a cheap divorce lawyer or one of those “do it yourself” divorce kits online.  Trying to get divorced on the cheap can be a big costly mistake.  Don’t be a penny pincher and waste your time searching for a cheapo divorce attorney.  There aren’t many things you will experience in your life more serious than a divorce.  It is a life-changing event that you will have to live with the rest of your life.

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How Can a Cheap Divorce Attorney Offer Such Fees Low?

Lawyers base their fees on his/her knowledge, training, skill, and experience.  If you speak with a lawyer who offers a low cost divorce, stop for a moment and try to imagine why this attorney’s prices are significantly less than others.  That low fee may be due to the lawyer’s inexperience or a lack of business.  Experienced divorce lawyers know how to navigate through that state’s divorce laws and the importance of each decision that must be made in a divorce.  Ultimately using an experienced divorce lawyer will likely be the most cost effective decision.

A Cheap Divorce Lawyer May Cost More In The End

That inexperienced divorce lawyer who charges a lower hourly fee may cost you more in the end since he/she will have to spend more time working on your divorce.  In fact, you may end up paying an inexperienced attorney to learn the law.  Speed and accuracy come with an experienced attorney likely saving you money in the end.  At Emerson Law you will find our fees for uncontested divorce and contested divorces to be reasonable.

Quality Legal Representation at and Within Your Means

You can pinch pennies after your divorce is complete.  Right now, hire an experienced divorce attorney to protect your interests.  Most attorneys recognize that clients going through a divorce will also be facing limited finances.  JR & Jill Emerson will suggest ways to help you keep your legal fees as low as possible and will discuss payment plans to help you at this trying time of your life.

About JR Emerson


Named as one of the Top 100 Civil Attorneys in Indiana by the National Trial Lawyers Association in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. JR Emerson is a skilled litigator and the former Judge of the Whitestown Town Court after being elected in 2010 and 2014.